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Workout Programs That Suit Healthcare Professionals

It’s probably the best advice your doctor could give you, and coming from a healthcare professional, it would probably sound false if he or she was overweight or even a little fat. Every medical professional worth their salt tells their patients to adopt a sensible diet and to get at least five hours of exercise each week. These two ingredients make up the recipe to a happy and healthy life, and if healthcare professionals don’t practice what they preach, they end up coming across as insincere, something they cannot afford in their line of work. Also, doctors know that if they neglect their health, they’re going to lose much more than their income.

However, unlike most other people, healthcare professionals work long and erratic hours, especially when they’re just starting out as interns or if they’re specialists who’re called in at all hours of the day to take care of patients. And because of this, they may not have a fixed exercise schedule – the ones who are really passionate about staying healthy and fit squeeze in their daily jog or strength training exercises whenever they find time, morning or evening. Some prefer to get up an hour earlier and hit the gym while others find that the end of the day works well for them when it comes to exercise. Some take advantage of the quiet times in the hospital when they’re relatively free of work to do a few stretches, sit-ups or squats. They know that even 10 minutes of exercise a day is better than nothing at all.

It is essential for doctors to exercise no matter how busy they are because:

  • They lead extremely stressful lives and must work out to alleviate tension and prevent stress from affecting them negatively and playing havoc with their health.
  • They don’t get enough sleep – they’re either pressed for time or too wound up because of the nature of their job to sleep soundly. Exercise helps soothe and relax their sore muscles and joints and enables them to sleep well and feel refreshed the following day.
  • They may not pay attention to their diet, preferring to eat whatever is available than making healthy food choices. This makes exercise even more important because it becomes the only way to stay slim and fit and prevent fatigue, stress and disease from affecting them.
  • They must set an example for their patients and be role models for them to emulate.

Exercise is a must, no matter how busy or hectic your life may be – if you don’t set aside time to work out, you may not have a life at all.