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The Top 50 YouTube Videos on Effective Managing

No matter what industry you work in, managers are necessary at all levels to organize employees and make sure that tasks are completed on time and budget. But with a shifting economy, changing priorities, and a workforce constantly in flux, being a manager can be far more difficult than hit television shows make it seem. Although amusing, shows like “The Office” rarely offer any practical tips for managers.

So to help bring you more useful information, we have gathered the top 50 YouTube videos on effective managing organized mostly by most views. They are filmed by everyone from world-recognized leaders to university professors and even managers in the workplace. So grab a mouse, a seat, and get ready to actually use YouTube for some good during your workday.

The Top YouTube Videos on Effective Managing Training

See how other managers train with the help of these YouTube videos.

  1. Motivational Management Training
    Patrick Dixon has ranked as one of world’s 20 most influential business thinkers alive today. In this keynote speech for a conference, he discusses leadership, motivational management training, and more. It also includes how to motivate business leaders for high performance and profitability.
  2. Change Management Training
    The practice of change management is spreading throughout the working world. Learn more about it in this video from Cisco. What it is and how to implement it are all shared.
  3. HR Management: Training and Development
    You don’t have to be in human resources to learn about management in this YouTube video, but it doesn’t hurt. It was made by an instructor from Indiana University Southeast. It is intended for students, and they feature other videos on the topic.
  4. Time Management Training
    Brian Tracy is one of the most in-demand speakers in the world on the subjects of effective time management, business productivity, and personal performance. In this short video, he discusses effective time management training and how it can be one of the most important skills. A link to the full DVD is given.
  5. History of Management
    Get a short history on the practice of management in this video. It includes the four major developments in management theory: scientific management, administrative theory, bureaucracy, and human relations.
  6. Basic Concepts and Principles of Management
    Got 45 minutes to learn about management? Then check out this video from IGNOU-SOHS to learn the basics of management. Several international experts weigh in.
  7. MGT 503 Lecture
    Rasheed is a PhD from Michigan State University and professor. In this lecture, he discusses the principles of management. He also discusses whether management is an art or science.
  8. Conflict Management Training
    This video is a promotional by Corporate Coach Group. Although it is only a short intro into their full seminar, it has been reviewed positively. Check out the intro to see if the entire course is right for you.
  9. Management Leadership Training
    New Market Learning offers this video with coaching questions for management problems. Management Leadership Training is discussed. There is also a link to order the full DVD course.
  10. Management Development Leadership Training
    Whether it’s at an appraisal or part of everyday interaction, delivering feedback is one of the most important, yet difficult skills an effective manager needs to develop. In this course, the CEDAR model is used to prepare for and implement.

The Top YouTube Videos on Effective Managing by a Leader

Learn about what happens when management goes right from these leaders of their industry.

  1. Steve Jobs’ Commencement Address
    The leader of Apple gave the commencement in 2005 at Stanford University. In the 15 minute speech, he tells three important stories from his life. He also urges graduates to pursue their dreams and see opportunities in life’s setbacks.
  2. Bill Gates Speech at Harvard
    He is one of the giants behind Microsoft. In this 2007 speech at Harvard, he discusses how he left school 30 years before his return. The speech is featured in two parts on YouTube.
  3. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
    In a rare joining, the above two sit down together for a rare dual appearance. They also discuss their contributions to the tech industry and what they respect about each other. A second part is also featured on YouTube.
  4. Randy Pausch on Time Management
    He is the force and motivational speaker behind “The Last Lecture.” A professor from Carnegie Mellon, Randy was a researcher on technology, but gained fame for his leadership and inspiration after being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. In this speech, he shows time management in a whole new light.
  5. Oprah Winfrey
    Embodying what it means to be a media giant, Oprah recently wrapped up her historic talk show and now owns her own network. In 2008, she gave the commencement address at Stanford University. She draws on her own experiences from her career back in 1976 and shares feelings, failures, and finding happiness.
  6. Warren Buffett
    This billionaire speaks at a conference for MBA’s. In this talk, he actually encourages the audience to ask questions and engage him. He also discusses investments with students.
  7. J.K. Rowling
    How does a mother on welfare go on to become a billionaire? The creator of the Harry Potter franchise shares how in this speech for Harvard in 2008. She even discusses her own graduation commencement speech.
  8. Jeff Bezos
    He is the founder and CEO of Amazon. A traditional college graduate, he returns to his alma matter, Princeton, to give the 2010 baccalaureate address. In the video, he speaks about the difference between choices and gifts.
  9. Colin Powell
    The historic former U.S. general shares his 13 rules of leadership here. A simple video, it contains the text of his rules. They include everything from facing adversity to making good decisions.
  10. Unjela Siddiqi
    Think being a woman CEO in the United States is tough? Then check out this short video on the first woman CEO of Pakistan. She is the CEO of the Overseas Chamber of Commerce & Industry and speaks all about it.

The Top YouTube Videos on Effective Managing Leadership

Because managing is also leading, check out these videos on the topic.

  1. Funniest Leadership Speech Ever
    This speaker discusses leadership in an upfront and humorous manner. Where you come from not necessarily being where you end up is the opening topic. The practice of doing what you’re told is also brought up.
  2. Social Intelligence and Leadership
    This video is shared by the Harvard Business School. In it, psychologist Daniel Goleman shares how to use emotional and social intelligence to improve your own and your company’s performance. There are also many other videos by them.
  3. Qualities of Leadership
    Several quotes from history’s greatest leaders are shared here. Questions on what a leader is and what they do are asked and answered. Some of the quotes include John Quincy Adams, Lao Tzu, Plato, and more.
  4. Desmond Tutu on Leadership
    The South African Bishop sits down for an interview in this video. Winner of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize, he shares what makes a good leader. What motivates them and more is discussed.
  5. What is Leadership?
    How does some catchy music and a PowerPoint presentation get so many hits? The simple message conveys inspirational messages on what it is to be a leader. The characteristics and rules of leadership are also shared.
  6. John Maxwell Leadership Speaker
    He is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. Dr. Maxwell’s goal is to developing leaders of excellence and integrity by providing the finest resources and training for personal and professional growth. In this video, he discusses leadership.
  7. Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?
    Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones discuss what followers want in a leader here. They are also the authors of a book by the same name. What those who are being led truly desire is shared.
  8. Leadership Point of View
    Ken Blanchard is a popular speaker and has many videos on YouTube. Here, he explains that great leaders have a specific leadership point of view. Ken also shares how to determine it and implement it as mission guided by values.
  9. Top 10 Characteristics of a Leader
    This video presentation is done by Business Minder Videos. Also a sort of PowerPoint Presentation, it lists the top ten characteristics of a leader to music. What successful leaders look for and do are all discussed.
  10. Attitude Reflects Leadership
    This is a short clip from “Remember the Titans.” Although a football movie, the clip has become popular among those needing inspiration for leadership. The philosophy of the team is also shared.

The Top YouTube Videos on Effective Project Managing

The project manager is a role often taken on in the industry, and these videos have more on it.

  1. Project Management Institute
    The PMI is one of the first names in project management. See more on who they are and what they do by checking out their YouTube channel. The videos are on everything from the PMI founders to community practice.
  2. Project Management Tutorial
    If you use or are expected to use the dotProject software in your career, click here. It is a short tutorial on how to use it to do many common tasks. There are also other tutorials on the software.
  3. Project Management Quick Tips
    What are the attributes of a great project manager? These and other questions are answered by Edwel Programs. They also include how to apply these skills to your next project.
  4. 5 Steps to Project Success
    Stop here for project management methods in five steps. A short and simple guide, Jim also uses masks to lighten the mood. A few paradigms on project management are mostly featured.
  5. Project Management 1
    Need some help with your project management vocabulary? Then check out this video from Business English Vocabulary. They also offer many other videos on business vocabulary.
  6. How Not to Plan a Project
    Ammar W. Mango shares project management tips here. In this five minute video, he discusses many of the common mistakes in project management. Initiating, planning, execution, controlling, and closing are all shared.
  7. Getting Started in Project Management
    Get an introduction to project management by Rita Mulcahy. She is an expert in advanced project management and knowledgeable about the PMP exam. She also offers other videos on the subject on YouTube.
  8. Project Management: An Overview
    This is one of many videos on project management and business by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Professor Arun Kanda gives this lecture series on project management. He defines what a project is and other related information.
  9. Project Management Introduction
    A PMP certification is often required of many project managers. Check out more on the topic with this video. There are also other related lessons by the user.
  10. Project Management Fundamentals
    Brandon McCormick presents an informative speech on project management fundamentals. Topics covered include triple constraints, what is missing, triple + 2, and the PMP certification. Time, cost, and scope are all discussed.

The Other Top YouTube Videos on Effective Managing

These videos discuss other aspects of effective managing.

  1. Choosing Success
    Author Stephen Covey is a best-selling author and focuses on highly effective people. This short video has a quick lesson for leaders. How they are a product of their own choices is shared.
  2. Top 36 Job Interview Questions and Answers 2010
    A no frills video, it is simply a listing of common questions and answers during an interview. If the video is too fast, and it usually is for most people, just scroll down for the text or pause. Sample questions include “where do you see yourself” and “what is your greatest weakness?”
  3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    This best-selling book has sold over ten million copies. In this short video, David Riklan shares how to learn them in just five minutes. Each of the seven is discussed.
  4. Traits of Successful People
    Donald Van de Mark interviewed hundreds of great leaders and offers this explanation with video of Jack Welch and Starbucks’ Howard Schultz. See how successful people stay motivated, change themselves, and constantly improve in this video.
  5. 10 Effective Time Management Tips
    Ever reached the end of the day and wondered where the time went? Then check out this video from Carol AEB. She shares how to stop wasting time and use activity management.
  6. Dealing With Difficult People
    No matter what your place is in the work place, difficult people are everywhere. Ammar Mango returns to give some simple tips on how to deal with them. A few simple steps are shared.
  7. Workplace Health and Safety History
    See what the workplace was like in the 1920’s. The video give a short history on workplace deaths and most dangerous jobs. From the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, it is a clip from the 1979 film “Can’t Take No More.”
  8. Career Advice from Jack Welch
    He discusses popular career advice in this clip. Part of McGraw-Hill Irwin, they talk with former GE leader Jack Welch and share more on his book “Winning.” He and his wife share tips for advancing a career.
  9. Career Advice for Young People
    Suze Orman is no slouch when it comes to giving advice. In this short video, she gives advice to young people on how to become what you want. Working for what you want instead of money is the main point.
  10. Job Promotion
    Because managers are often promoted, not hired, stop here. It is an expert video from Career Advice on how to get a promotion. Six parts are featured here.

And these top 50 YouTube videos on effective managing are just a beginning. Full of inspiration, wisdom, motivation, and much more, they are sure to help managers at all levels.