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Global Growth Engine: Top 50 Blogs and Articles for Small Business Owners

Small businesses aren’t what they used to be. Now a small business can gain serious momentum via marketing online and virtual word-of-mouth. This means knowing how to use these tools to your advantage and putting a great image out there for the entice the consumer and draw them to explore your brand further. Online networking and marketing is the small business owner’s best friend, but it’s still important to study the 101 of small business tactics that have stood the test of time.

Top Blogs for Small Business Owners

These blogs will guide you as you start your business or try to grow it. There’s nothing a small business owner can discount, especially during a flailing economy. These small business blogs will help you zone in on what matters.

    1. Startup Blog : This blog is fabulous because it’s fuss-free and gets down to the bare bones of making your small business work.

    2. Small Business Wiki : This Wiki page gives you the 101 of small business basics, including what you need, what you don’t when you’re first getting started.

    3. The Small Business Blog : From pitching your business to outsourcing tasks, this blog has you covered and should be bookmarked by every small business owner.

    4. Small Biz Blog : This is a Canadian-based blog aimed at small businesses in the Great White North, but the advice given is universal for any startup company.

    5. The Star – Small Business : This is a great blog because it doesn’t shy away from the hard parts of owning a small business, such as balancing personal and work time wisely.

    6. Noobpreneur : As the name suggests, this is a go-to source for”noobs,” but seasoned small business owners should also check it out for tips on how to manage damage control when your company’s name is tainted.

    7. Business Know How : Business owners will appreciate this blog because where other small business blogs focus on passion and grit, this one keeps the end goal (making money, that is) at the center of nearly every post.

    8. PMarca : This blog breaks down business so even a newbie can understand. It deals with hiring the right people, getting your brand message across and using the web to your advantage.

    9. Intruders : This site chronicles the trials of business owners, large and small. The problems they face, how they deal with employees and how to keep a positive outlook when the going gets tough. It makes for inspiring content for small business owners who are sure to see good times and bad.

    10. On Startups : Take away all you can from this startup blog that guides small business owners with an easy tone that makes your dreams attainable.

    11. Wise Startup Blog : This site focuses on web-based businesses, but the marketing and social networking tips are useful for a small business of any type.

    12. Startup Lessons Learned : Every small business will have triumphs and pitfalls, but you can check out this insightful blog for a peek at problems other small businesses have come across and how they’ve overcome them.

    13. Lean Startups : What small business has cash to burn? None! That’s why this blog must become a regular read for all small business owners.

    14. Sustainable Startup Blog : This site is one to visit when your small business hits a wall and it’s time to re-access. The blog’s simple exercises will help you identify the direct problem and conquer it.

    15. Small Biz Trendz : Starting a small business isn’t for everyone, but for those who gravitate towards being their own boss (and are willing to do the dirty work), this website will help you evaluate situations with a keen eye.

Top Blog Posts on Social Media for Small Business Owners

If you’re a small business owner who doesn’t use the Internet to reach out to folks, what are you waiting for? Social networking is an invaluable resource for any small business because it allows you to zero in on your niche consumer, no matter where they are in the world.

    16. 5 Small Business Tips for Social Media Success : If you aren’t implementing these tips, there’s a good chance you’re going unnoticed on the social media radar.

    17. 30 Valuable Lessons Learned Using Social Media for Small Businesses : Learn why criticism is a good thing, especially when it’s coming from consumers.

    18. Small Business Owners Reap Benefits of Social Media While social networking was once thought to be for college kids, we now know it’s a new and effective way of communicating with target customers.

    19. Big Business vs. Small Business Social Media Flow Chart : This fun flow chart demonstrates why social media is definitely on the side of the small business owner. It isn’t something to be feared, so get your businesses’ message out there.

    20. Social Media for Small Business : This article breaks down which social media sites are helping small business owners most.

    21. Small Business Starting to Use Social Media Successfully : If you’re still struggling with the reason why you need to get on the social networking bandwagon as a small business, check out this article that demonstrates the technique is helping more than hurting.

    22. Top 10 Social Media Tips for Small Business Marketing : If you aren’t sure where to start your company’s social media journey, check out this list of tips to save time and get you going in the right direction.

    23. Social Media for Small Business : If you have a brick-and-mortar business you may think social media is a lost cause, but this articles tells a very different story.

    24. Small Business Social Media Advantage : When it comes to social media, you’re ahead of the big guys because you don’t have to jump through hoops to adapt to the times.

    25. Social Media Marketing to Small Businesses : This article looks at what social media tactics work for small businesses.

    26. Local Internet Marketing for Small Business : This blog takes you by the hand and walks you down the path of online marketing and social media so you hone in on local customers.

    27. Roundpeg : This company provides marketing services for small businesses and with their blog shares tips you can implement today.

    28. 1/3 of Small Businesses Use Social Media : Learn how social media is helping small businesses reach out to their customer, which is expected to increase further in the next few years.

    29. Social Media Checklist for Small and Medium Size Businesses : You shouldn’t go into social media simply preaching your company’s message. Get some direction from this list to avoid losing your target customer’s attention.

Top Blog Posts and Articles on Technology for Small Businesses

Beyond social media, it’s important you know the ins-and-outs of technology. It’s a fabulous tool that can make or break a small business. If you’re scared of technology, do your best to learn from the ground up. Once you see how much it improves you company, you’ll be glad you did.

    30. Small Business Technology Outsourcing Things to Consider Small business owners will love this checklist of how to access outsourcing tasks to make the most of their money.

    31. Businessweek – Small Biz Technology : Learn how to cut down on spam, find the right IT support and how to keep your head above water when the going gets tough.

    32. All Business : This blog is devoted to helping small businesses grow. From choosing the right email program and utilizing SEO.

    33. Microsoft – Small Business Technology Sales and Marketing : Advice from the pros will point the green small business owner in the right direction when it comes to choosing podcast and newsletter formats.

    34. Daniel Angerer : Get ready for easy recipes that implement cheese in a whole new light. Chef Daniel Angerer shows readers how to work with cheese in simple ways that turn out delicious.

    35. BizTech Magazine : This is the online home of the small business magazine that shows business owners how to adapt to new technology to make the most of their company and what it has to offer.

    36. Entrepreneur : This site will show you the apps every small business owner needs and how to choose the tech support that will suit your business

    37. Small Business Computing : Need help on choosing the right software or hardware? Check out this site for tips on how to save time by knowing what you want out of technology.

    38. Small Biz Technology : If you’re already using technology for your business (and you definitely should be!), this blog is your next stop to show you how to do it right.

    39. Beta Daily : This site is a definite stop for small business owners new and old. It gives how-to’s on getting a business started and then shows you how to see the plan through.

Best Blog Posts and Articles on Marketing for Small Businesses

It’s all about marketing for the small business. If you can make it interesting, appealing or useful, there’s a solid chance someone will pay attention. Learn how to market based on your industry or product with these helpful posts and articles.

    40. Boot Strapping Blog : This blog no longer publishes, but it has almost a year’s worth of posts for small business owners to peruse and study for tips on making marketing second nature.

    41. Marketing for Success : From increasing your web networking to working with other small businesses to promote your own, this site is packed with tips. Check out the list on the right hand side of the screen for specific marketing mediums.

    42. Small Business Branding : No matter what type of marketing you’re doing, this blog has plenty of ideas for giving you an edge that will set you apart in the eyes of the consumer.

    43. FlyteBlog : This blog focuses on web marketing and has as much information as you can handle. Check out the list of speakers and topics suggested, since most of the speeches are available online.

    44. Formulis Blog : This blogger started his company from the ground up and shares marketing tips with small business owners so they can do the same.

    45. Itty Biz : This blog is a great starting point for new small business owners who need the 101 on effective marketing that can be done on a budget.

    46. The Small Biz Marketing Blog : Here you’ll find tips on how to budget for marketing, how to make the Internet work for you and how to stop those old school marketing techniques that no longer work with modern consumers.

    47. Small Fuel Blog : This blog sporadically updates, but the archived posts are great reads for newbies who need a quick rundown on where to focus their marketing.

    48. Small Business Marketing : This blog primarily covers web marketing and how to make yourself and your brand appealing online. We love it because it’s written in a language every small business owner will understand, even those with a minimal background in formal business training.

    49. Speaking and Marketing Tips : This blog is a must-read for any small business owner. It tackles the essentials of being a leader, how to speak to clients and how to make sure your marketing translates into dollars.

    50. Dan Kennedy – Small Business Marketing Blog : This is a great blog for small business owners because it forces you to be mindful of all marketing you see around you. It poses smart questions that will motivate those in a marketing slump.

The face of the small business is changing. With technology on your side, you can build your brand or company without putting up serious overhead. The key is to get educated in your trade. Even if you have a background in business, knowing your niche consumer and understanding how to reach them will make all the difference when it comes to turning a profit.