Business Administration Degree

Guide to Online Business Administration Degrees


Business Administration was created in 2010 by Molly Cunningham originally as part of a class requirement in which we were required to compare various college options for ourselves and present our findings. I knew I wanted to get a business degree, so it only made sense to choose to research and compare business administration colleges. I quickly realized there are no decent websites on the internet that provide students with a list of schools that offer the program, so I began to do the research needed to compile a list on my own. After completing the project I was asked to put the information online, and that is the background to why Business Administration Degree exists.

Hopefully this site will allow future students to have an easy place to begin their research when considering a BA program. So if you notice any schools left off the list or errors on the page, please do not hesitate to email me and I will fix the mistake. Thank you.

Email me at Contact [at] businessadministrationdegree [dot] com